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A party neutral movement on a mission to empower young voters.

Bite the Ballot is a not for profit organisation that empowers young people to speak up and act, to make their votes and opinions count. We inspire young people to be counted and make informed decisions at the ballot box, encouraging them to take power and become the champions that will change the face of British politics. We are not affiliated to any political party – we think they all need to do more for the youth vote. Our core values when engaging those furthest away from politics are to be unconventional, inclusive and bold. Three words you may not associate with today’s politics.

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When politicians think about writing policies, they write policies for the people on the electoral register and those who vote. And who do they see when they look at the electoral register? Not young people. You can change that, by just registering to vote, you make it so politicians have to start thinking about you.

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Every Tuesday is #TakePower Tuesday. This is where you carry out a random act of kindness on a friend or someone you don’t know. Just decide what your random act of kindness will be, whether it’s buying someone lunch or helping a tourist navigate the streets, take a photo and share it with us on Twitter with #TakePower.

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Show Me The Money

Politics is about making decisions, creating laws and setting budgets for key areas in our lives, but if you’re not registered to vote, then you’re easier to let down. But don’t just take our word for it, play our game Show Me The Money and let our celebrity supporters put you in politicians’ shoes to find out why.

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