By not registering you're doing exactly what the system expects of you

What's the point? - it's just one vote!

Why Should I Vote?

Register to vote if you think young people deserve power

Eliza Doolittle

See if voting can empower you to change the society we live in today – remember that includes answering None of The Above so the search for new leaders begins

Jamal Edwards

The more people we get actively wanting to make a change, the bigger the change we will make

Tinie Tempah
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Become a vote worth winning.

Why Should I Vote?

Why get involved?

The most effective way to create a change in the system is to get involved. Make sure they can’t overlook you when it’s time to figure out who they need to keep sweet in order to keep their seat.

Eugene Mensah Chair of the Board

If you want to gain a better understanding of why politics is important and how it does impact young people’s lives, get involved with Bite the Ballot now!

Assma Bechkoum - Birmingham CEO

Get involved; it’s a power thing!

Usaama Kaweesa

Your vote is something to be cherished. It’s your chance to give your opinion, your chance to be part of change. Use your vote ensure that your opinion is heard.

Amberlea Cook

Not convinced?

If you don’t want to vote, then at least make a statement, choose 'None of the Above'!


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