Bite The Ballot. Take Power. October 22, 2014
EU Elections

European Elections

The EU is responsible for 15-50% of all UK legislation including;

International Trade, Environment, Agriculture (Farming, conservation, animal), Workers Rights and much more.

A major part of the EU, the European Parliament, is elected by all EU citizens – including YOU (if you’re 18 or older). So whether you’re an ‘inner’ or an ‘outer’, or anywhere in-between, this election could shape your life and decide your future.

So what should you do? Make your voice count on 22 May! #TakePower

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What now?

Try Vote Match

Find out who you should vote for by using the widget below.

Tell Your Friends

Get the word out, make sure your friends vote!


Make your voice heard: Go to the polls on 22 May!

The League of Young Voters
So with the EU elections coming up we signed up to support the League of Young Voters. This is a huge network of people across the European member states all trying to engage and empower young voters!
You can check out their website by clicking here.

European Parliament Facebook
Have an opinion or question on what the European Union does? Make your voice heard on the official European Parliament Facebook page, and see what the other 6,000 people there believe

Inspired Impressions
Bite the Ballot’s very own EU-wide artwork competition, in collaboration with Talent House. We showcased 20 pieces of artwork at the European Parliament building in Brussels. Find out more.

MyVote 2014
The European Parliament has launched a new website with a number of widgets and tools about European Elections, including one find out what MEPs have voted for, and another for which MEP best represents you! Find out more.

Who should I vote for?

Below is a widget designed to help you choose who to vote for. Sure, it’s 30 questions and a dozen statements long, but it works! And if you can’t find anyone to vote for? Then protest vote by being creative with your ballot paper (you could always give yourself a game of naughts and crosses).

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