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16-24 year olds are the largest group missing from the electoral register. Politicians need votes to get into power and they write policies for people who are registered to vote.

If you’re not registered you are making it easier for politicians to let your generation down.

Use your influence

There are 7.4 million 16 – 24 year olds here in the UK. Alone you may believe you have little influence but together that’s a number that no one can ignore.

You need to join the register, in order to have your say and demonstrate your collective power. This also allows you to vote in local, national and EU elections – as well as referendums.

If you think no one deserves your vote; you can go to the polling station and spoil your ballot paper.

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Better Credit Rating
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Being on the electoral register helps your credit rating. It is the first place lenders look when they decide whether to give you a credit card, a phone contract, a car on finance, a loan to start-up your business or even a mortgage.

Start or improve your credit rating by registering today!

Fairer Legal System

The electoral register is where people for jury service are selected. If more people aged 16 – 24 join the register, there will be more aged-balanced and diverse juries, leading to a fairer legal system for everyone. Play a direct role in social justice – register today!

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Empower Your Community

Registering to vote helps your Local Authority get the right amount of money to support the needs of everyone in your community.
The amount of money your local area gets from the Government is based on the electoral register, so make sure you and your friends are registered today!

You can also register to vote offline, by downloading and filling out the paper form.

Once completed, send your registration form to your local council.  (Find their address here)


It’s quick & simple to register to vote, it will only take you 3 minutes. That is the same time it takes to make a cup of tea or listen to your favourite tune. All you need is your National Insurance number (if you have one) to confirm your identity.

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