The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Democratic Participation, which Bite The Ballot and ClearView Research serve as the secretariat for, brings together young citizens, parliamentarians from all political parties, academics, and NGOs, to look closely at how to better engage young citizens in politics.

In 2016, its collaborative efforts resulted in the launch of the ‘Missing Millions’ report, which identified 25 recommendations to help ensure that the eight million citizens missing off the electoral register were effectively engaged and informed about the benefits and responsibilities related to electoral registration.


For the APPG to provide recommendations for both the government and young citizens on how best to participate and engage politically



‘DeCafe’, (pronounced de-kaff), an abbreviation of democracy café, is our re-invigoration of the 17th century practice of communities coming together in coffee shops and tea houses to discuss issues. Fast forward to today and this former tradition involves a little more tech, style and drinks on the house.

Most importantly, DeCafes are about building confidence in all members of society to be part of positive social action and democratic participation, providing a space where people  can come along, share their thoughts, listen to others, constructively challenge misconceptions and explore solutions.


For DeCafe to no longer require BTB facilitators, and become ingrained into the fabric of local community engagement



National Voter Registration Drive (NVRD)

We conceived, launched and coordinated NVRD as a nationwide, grassroots campaign in 2013 and, when rolled out in February 2014, registered 50,652 people to vote. February 2015 saw BTB make history with the most successful registration drive (per capita) in any Western democracy with 441,696 people registering to vote in a week of coordinated activity.


To see NVRD become a government-run initiative, taking place in schools across the country every year




Verto is our voter advice tool. It exists as a gamified digital engagement tool that acts as a catalyst for community based conversations. During the 2015 general election, it helped almost 389,000 unique users discover how the main parties’ policies aligned with their own views and values. It was updated, expanded and rolled out the following year to coincide with London’s mayoral/assembly elections.


For Verto to engage and empower young citizens to lead social change, using real time data to demonstrate how their similarities and differences change be a driving force in the decision affecting their lives

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